Create Visibility, Awareness, and Differentiation by Consulting and Marketing

The name is the first thing, you hear about the company. Once it is found, it acts as a foundation and sums up everything a company is all about. In the era of plethora choices, one needs a lot of time, patience and focus on transforming a name into a brand. The brand should be memorable, impact and should remain in the consumer’s mind whenever required.

After the product development, An entrepreneur must be able to answer the below question:

  • How to appeal and have an emotional connect with the customer?
  • How to evoke strong passion for your brand?
  • How to convey uniqueness that customers are drawn to it?
  • How to instill confidence so that customer remembers and takes pride in using it?

Create Visibility, Awareness, and Differentiation by Consulting and Marketing

Result Driven Consulting
Every Business Consultancy for a startup should deliver result rather recommendations. If your client needs service, then create specific action plans, implementations, and training to achieve expected outcome. Anyone can give suggestions and advice. The startup needs skills and experience of business consultancy companies to convert opinion into result driven. Look out for specialist or experts who can coach and produce a concrete result at a cost. It is similar to hiring a coach in any sports. A coach identifies gaps, ask for intentional thoughts and support for sustainable growth.

Fill the gaps using Forward Marketing tips
No matter what products you offer, your customers will always have a choice. Marketing is reminding and creating an impression that potential customer becomes your actual customer and existing customer becomes a loyal customer. Startup marketing is a unique challenge where the aim is to boost productivity, but there are constraints of time, talent or budget.

Grow with Care
Startup companies should ask questions to your clients and your potential customer regarding their expected service. One will be able to find out the wealth of information. Startup marketing solutions will help the companies to position themselves better and represent the service that your clients are looking for. One can fill the gaps with expertise offerings.

Increase emphasis on survey-based results
Your startup company might be working on the next billion dollar business. However, it is important to check the viability of the idea. Startup should focus on survey based result. Using Marketing techniques, Startup should go beyond their product and review the feasibility of the product with audiences.

Thinking beyond Obvious
Direct marketing tactics are must for companies. Also, startup companies can consider Outreaching programs such as:

  • Phone calls thanking for the service used or taking regular feedback about their service or check if customers need any other service
  • Informing client about new feature or Product Launch
  • Loyalty programs to encourage repeated service
  • Frequent Communication calendar
  • Measure Lifetime value

If Startup companies are going to invest time and money in marketing, then set up a track to measure the result. Startup should differentiate between one-time buyer and frequent buyer. A Startup should focus on business where customers prefer to purchase a product in a repetitive manner. Using startup marketing solutions, one can afford to invest time, efforts and expenses to retain the customers for a long time and create greater customer loyalty.

Long term relationship is maintained when a company does not take short cuts. Customers will be attracted if service is honest, genuine and take a good care of their service offered. Sometimes small things matter for service integrity such as faster resolution, informing updates about issue resolution. This will result in warmer, stronger and more trusting relationship.

Why Minimum Viable Product (MVP) so crucial for Startups?

Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb have something in common – These company started with a Minimum Viable product (MVP). An MVP is the foundation for many successful companies. It helps you to start the learning process. Basically, it’s an initial version of developing a complete product. It’s released in the market to test – Acceptance, Viability and to solve core problems for the targeted audience.

Why Minimum Viable Product (MVP) so crucial for StartupsHow to make MVP a real caliber one?
Many startups spend months in building and perfecting a product without testing in the market. They fail to measure product feasibility, desirability and viability among its potential audiences.

It’s similar to writing a book. Several drafts are created and continuous editing brings the best version of the book.

Below are the steps for building a successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

  1. Build the product
  2. Launch prototype/service
  3. Take feedback from potential customers in identifying weakness, flaws, and missing features
  4. Improvise the product keeping the user feedback in mind

Let us explain with an example which made it to the list of a successful company- Airbnb (Airbed and Breakfast) company.

Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia couldn’t afford to pay rent of their apartment in 2007. So to make their living, they decided to convert the loft into lodging space. The core values were cheap accommodation and a little more personal space. They made a simple website and uploaded the pictures of the room. They used their own apartment to test their MVP or core values. They successfully completed their test as 3 people applied for rent and become a customer. They did further market research by discussing with people to understand what they want. Thus they started pursuing their idea to make it better and bigger.

MVPs are created to test the demand and not to test too many features of the product. Test core values and check if users got the value right. The goal of MVP is not to get the product right at the first go. Basically, the motive is maximizing the learning with minimal efforts.

To increase chances of success, follow the below points:

Define your market clearly
Avoid generic idea or concentrate on a market which is facing some disadvantages with its existing offerings.

Scalability options
Your target market shouldn’t be too narrow. You should be able to reach to mass or specifically focused groups who require consistent service.

Create a compelling choice for your product
Compare your product with competitors offering. Check what makes your product unique and appealing to the customers. How your product benefit can draw audience attention toward yourself?

Create a better deal
Any buyer will compare price and benefit. People don’t buy if it’s unaffordable. So offer a competing price. You should consider that company is able to deliver profit with the competing price.  Genuinely lowering the price for product acceptance can make the company go into losses.

Focus on Market need
A product is created with many assumptions. It’s important to test assumptions and create a product that market needs. Many times, a great product fails. Design the product to make it an integral part of your customer‘s daily life and not just nice to have a solution.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a not a product by itself but more of proof of concept. There is a difference between what we think will work in the market and the actual market demands. MVP is not something that is built once and the job is done. It’s a gradual process that can be repeated over again to make a worthy product.

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Never Get Dishearten if there is Result Oriented Digital Marketing Solutions Company

Are you in the mood of launching a startup and thinking of taking consultation from digital marketing solutions company? Then you are going in the right direction on this cutting edge competition. Nowadays the result oriented digital marketing solutions company plays a critical role in ensuring the overall success which can be of marketing goals, as the numbers of active consumers are pondering on the internet continuously.  The key to success in marketing is recognizing and respecting that any industry is ever morphing.

Never Get Dishearten if there is Result Oriented Digital Marketing Solutions Company

When anyone works for an industry which is ever changing then it will be the most vital to be inspired and on the top of the game. The digital space is the best platform for consulting services either it can be well- established companies or business consulting services for start-ups. They can listen and understand the business objectives and goals.

Some digital marketing solutions companies are providing expert web marketing to the start-ups. They are there for offering digital marketing consulting services for start-ups, with fewer budgets too. The expeditious services are spell bounding as they never let the initial resource constraints to stop the consulting services of start-ups or letting their dreams of making their giant figure in the online world.

Luckily some of the reliable digital marketing solutions companies are always on their toes to provide the excellent and energetic consultation services to the start-ups as they have internet marketing related consulting. They sometimes design interactive as well as techniques which can be best suited in rapid globalization.

Digital marketing solutions company has great burst upon the business scene with a big bang, convincing entrepreneurs to sit up and get notice. Consultation services for the start-ups have a benefit that it can increase brand recognition, which has a vital role in making the product or service easily accessible for the customers.

Digital Marketing Solutions Company

The services of digital marketing solutions company are very much packaged to provide everything that a start-up needs to deliver a brand presence on the internet.  The well strategic plan in digital marketing will guide them at each step of the growth graph. The consultation services of the start-ups can be best graphic and paid search engine promotions which ensure the greatest investment.

The digital marketing solutions company for consulting the start-ups will enable their business to get an apt and thoroughly professional spot on the Internet. Their proactive strategy will grab the revenue and traffic also. The experts will also guide a long lasting brand message to let the world know about the start-up. The best of digital marketing solutions company possess the potential that after getting the consulting services for start-ups, the brand will explain their seriousness in the business itself.

The knack of web marketing to the next level will make them look forward to continued success. Their best virtual can build the reliability of start-ups which will be a jump start in saving time and resources. The digital marketing solutions company has a versatile capacity in the consulting services of start-ups. Nurturinno Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has an experienced team for digital marketing services. Contact us if you are looking for support.

Minimum Viable Product or MVP or Prototype of a Product – Key Characteristics

Minimum Viable Product or MVP is a prototype of a product or a service developed and released in order to evaluate the customers’ response and test the product hypothesis without investing a lot of resources in its construction and implementation. This product is limited in features, and is built quickly enough to be deployed as a product which is ready for customers’ interaction.

Minimum Viable Product or MVP or Prototype of a Product - Key Characteristics
Minimum Viable Product or MVP or Prototype of a Product

The development of MVP in to a full-fledged product solely depends on the customer feedback, actual usage scenario results and validation of the general hypothesis, so it could either be entirely discarded, tried again with some new added features and modifications or could be finally accepted as a model for a new actual product design, so actual development of the product could begin. This strategy of deploying MVPs is mainly implemented by individuals or organizations, who seek to minimize the risks i.e. if by any chance the product fails, their hypothesis is proven wrong or unprofitable and the company faces huge capital losses.

Some of the key characteristics of using MVP strategy are:

  • It is built using minimum resources so it has enough value that people would be willing to use it or buy it. Mainly the company initially uses a freemium version for a MVP.
  • It shows enough future potential to retain early customers, even attract the future customers.
  • It provides a feedback loop to guide future development, so developers would know how to proceed with their ideas and have a clear vision to build what is actually required.
  • The main idea of this development strategy is that early customers can see the promise the final product has and so they provide the valuable feedback for its development, this increases the customer trust.
  • This also shows that technically orientated products used by technical users may be most appropriate for this type of development technique, as it all comes down to convenience of the product and if the product delivers the task they need.
  • Using this strategy we can also create bases for other products as user feedback, can vary and can show us new ideas, which can’t be featured into the existing product, but could give a way for another product.
  • Using MVPs we can minimize the resources needed in marketing of the future product, as the MVPs can gather a lot of customers and attract them towards the full featured final product, hence it also acts as a form of marketing.

The term “Minimum Viable Product” was first used and defined by Frank Robinson (entrepreneur and economist) which was further popularized by Eric Ries (entrepreneur and author) and Steve blank (entrepreneur and academician). Since then the strategy of using MVPs has become successful and it keeps on evolving with new ideas, it has made the survey strategies implemented by organizations redundant, as it has proven to be misleading many times. MVPs have also become the startup strategies by many successful entrepreneurs and some of the key companies who followed this strategy are Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb, Zappos, buffer and Groupon.

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