tech cofounderBuilding that successful business from scratch is going to take a toll on your mental health. Managing finances, people and resources will make you succumb to the pressure. The insecurities, innocuous developments and slow growth rate will make you rethink your career options. If you are walking alone on the roads of Entrepreneurship, you are going to get intimidated at times. A Co-founder is someone you need. A Co-Founder who can work as hard as you and can manage resources as efficiently as you is someone you need.

We all know how extremely important it is to have a team that stands by you during the times of turmoil and rejoices with you in success. A good team is going to make all the difference. We need to look into their potentials and judge them on the basis of same instead of from where they come and what degree they have acquired in their lives. Judge a person on basis of his capability of doing things and you can bring the best out of him.

While a good team is a great thing, a talented Co-Founder tops it all. A talented Co-Founder is the most important ingredient of building a successful business. With a person who is equally passionate and looks forward to doing equally great thing will help you double your growth and make the most of every opportunity. It is going to get a lot easier for you.

Finding the right Co-Founder is really difficult. In the contemporary world, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur but no one is looking forward to take the half load. Finding the right co-founder is going to require a lot of efforts; you will meet a lot of excited people but only a handful of them are going to be willing to take up the real job and do it as passionately as you do. is one platform that is here to solve your problem of finding that talented co-founder for your startup. We have established a platform where you can meet hundreds of new and talented entrepreneurs, collaborate and build a successful business from scratch. Your time is limited; do not waste it on hiring the right people or looking for that one amazing co-founder.

Benefits of finding your co-founder with the help of
• A pool of talented entrepreneurs to choose from: Making choices gets easier once you are provided with option. Expand your horizon with and find that one co-founder who has all skills you are looking for.
• Technology Oriented Co-Founders: helps you find Co-Founder for your Tech startups. You can look at their portfolios discuss varied possibilities and make the right decision. It is going to be an eye opening experience for you.
• The required exposure: is here to bring the best of talents together. If you are one who is looking for a co-founder then amazing. You can also be an aspiring entrepreneur and land yourself a huge opportunity. With everyone is going to be in gain.

Matching the odds:
There are hundreds of people who are excited to work in the contemporary Indian startup community. The success of Indian startup community has helped them acquire the requisite confidence that “A reliable career can be built in startup community”. Parents have also grown liberal about the same. A lot of people are now looking for opportunities to do things they love doing and still make a career out of it.

If you look closely at the picture you will appreciate the role of is here to help people find the right opportunity and make the most of their times. While we help newbies find great opportunities successful startups will be able to acquire the right talent and really impressive co-founders.

We are here to ensure that startups are provided with all the required support. Our parent company brings to entrepreneurs the best of opportunities of building a successful startup from the scratch.

Nurturinno is making a lot of strides in the sea of unknown to help startups reach their desired results. We aim to bridge the gap between startup Heroes and their audience by bringing their story into the limelight at

We are motivated to help startups with the best of resources, guidance and consultancy services. We are here to see our startup community acquire the best of success in coming times.

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