Virtual Incubation & Acceleration

Nurturinno Consulting Pvt. Ltd. takes technology business incubation & acceleration to the very next level through virtual incubator. We not only encourage technology startups but we also monitor and help incubate, that is, we help nurture a startup to such an extent that it grows up being a good one at that.

technology business incubation - virtual incubationWe mainly concentrate on the growth of the startup right from its early stages while monitoring and aiding the growth of businesses in the technology (IT, ICT and also the Electronics and communication etc.) sectors.

Our main goal is to provide a chance of survival for tech startups (small businesses) in the long term. We provide many features for a tech startup. For instance, we provide mentoring and entrepreneurial advice like identifying IP licensing chances to increase capital through virtual incubation.

A general plan of a startup business needs regular modifications to fit the requirements of the market and we at Nurturinno Consulting Pvt. Ltd provide you with such assistance. We provide advisory & mentoring of how to get things done in a startup along with the needed technology for the betterment of the business. Our biggest advantage is easily the fact that we have contacts with many successful entrepreneurs in the field who can give advice and answer queries.

Nurturinno Consulting Pvt. Ltd not only helps the tech startup companies that are at their early stages but we also focus on those tech startups who are ready to hit the international market. This is makes us a good technology business incubator and accelerator. Because we provide virtual business incubation and also the necessary guidance for business to enter global market.

We provide the necessary mentoring & consulting at a beginners level for the company to start up and rise but we don’t just leave it there, after they reach a growing stage we provide proper training and answer queries for the companies to reach the next level.

As we all know it, young minds require a lot of help and guidance, and we are here to fulfill that duty and take them to the right path. We also connect the startups to several seed funding resources, that is we connect them with financial resources to the startups as an investment as your growth is what will help us grow as well. We also provide or help procure office space, and also give one the provision of neutral staff like receptionists and provide you with equipment necessary to an extent.

We will watch over and correct the small business startups if anything goes wrong as it is our duty to do so. We have currently been undertaking incubation and acceleration for a large number of young startups that will create enormous amounts of job opportunities. We also provide services to provide consulting to existing technology business incubators & accelerators.

Nurturinno Consulting Pvt. Ltd not only aims for its own profit but also the growth of all the young minds there are with their ideas that they are not able to convey on their own. We take it up as our own duty to help make big the ideas of all these startups by providing them with the resources to do so.

Virtual Incubation and Acceleration of a business are two of the most important components when it comes to the growth of a startup and we assure you that we know how to guide you. We know exactly what young India & world needs. We also provide the resources of technical support and the technology for the growth and development of a company either small scale or large scale. It doesn’t matter how profitable the company is at that point, it is our duty to help the startup make it big and we will do so.  Contact us to know more.